What Will You Do When Interest Rates Increase?

What Will You Do When Interest Rates Increase?

Interest rates have been low now for about 7 years and many have enjoyed borrowing large amounts of money.

It’s been a great ride, hasn’t it?

You could take out a large mortgage of over $200,000, and sometimes more,  and pay a small amount of interest, plus enjoy a beautiful home.

You could borrow to buy a new car, truck or SUV and enjoy  the ride.

Unfortunately, all parties like that must come to an end sooner or later.

Now, many people are starting to sweat when they hear that the Feds and banks may start to increase their interest rates soon.

If you were around in the early 80’s, as this writer was, interest rates hit a high of about 18%.

When that happened, people with big mortgages just walked away from their homes because they simply couldn’t pay the mortgages due to high interest rates.

Can you see that happening again?

It’s possible.

Add to that,  the personal debt load of most people has been increasing because they were offered low interest rates and took it.

It looks as if we’re headed into a Perfect Storm, doesn’t it?

But there is one way to avoid getting caught in a big squeeze financially.

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