How To Make Money Without Money Part 1.

make money without
using my own money.
First, I joined HashingAdSpace when they were in
Beta test phase.
This was before they went public; that’s an ideal
time to join a program.
I just surfed watching ads to earn credits, and did
it each day early in the mornings.
Here’s my affiliate link, so you can still join
for free and earn Asimi tokens.

Join here:

After I accumulated the equivalent of $50, I converted
that amount into Bitcoin via an exchanger.
I used
The whole transaction went smoothly and support staff
were very helpful.
All the while, I kept watching ads on HashingAdSpace and
building up Asimis.
HashingAdSpace now has over 125,000 members and they are
going to start placing login ads soon.
When that happens, then they’ll start burning Asimis.

What does that mean?
As the number of Asimis available goes down, the price
will go up.
That means more money for those who minted Asimis each
This is invaluable for everyone who joins, still for free.

On the first withdrawal, I paid off my credit card bill.
On the second withdrawal, I joined 10XBitcoin at:

Why this program? They have a long-range plan to include
such benefits as travel discounts, video gaming and other
items, so its more varied and appeals to more people.
So I invested $20.00 with them.

Stay tuned for the progress I’m making with no money
of my own invested.

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