HashingAdSpace Update.

dSpace.com in December 2018. It was in Pre-Launch, free to join and earn.

It sounded good, so I joined.

When I was inside the member’s area, I just was required to watch

an ad for 7 seconds, so I did.

The next day, I visited the site again, and was amazed to discover that I had

earned some money just by viewing an ad the previous day.

The members get constant updates from the Admin, Luke Millard,

who has poured a lot of money, time and effort into HashingAdSpace to make it successful.

In fact, it has grown beyond his wildest dreams.

They went into a Soft Launch to be sure everything was working properly.

As of this writing, it has grown to about 42,000 members world-wide.

On February 8, they’ll have a full Launch and be open to the public.

In short, all businesses need advertising. And most people are anxious to earn money from home.

Luke has joined these concepts together along with minting tokens called

“Asimis” which will grow in value as time goes by.

You can only earn Asimi tokens by watching the ads for 7 seconds each.

That doesn’t sound too complicated, does it?

After the full launch, you can withdraw funds anytime; its all explained in the member’s area.

This is all FREE for now, so get in now and start earning.

It’s going to be an amazing ride this year.

Join now at: http://bit.ly/2EBPPyx


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