Discover How Curiosity Causes Clicks.

strong>Discover How Curiosity Causes Clicks.

By nature, we all have many emotions such as anger, jealousy, happiness, etc.

but let’s focus on one characteristic, Curiosity.

Why do soap operas run for decades with different people over the years?

Simple. We are curious to see how the storyline turns out, so we keep watching.

Why do so many fans watch pro wrestling when they know deep down that it’s

all scripted?

Simple again. We are curious to see how and where the plot goes.

Script writers know how to push us and keep our curiosity up, so we keep watching.

You may be asking, “How does that apply to me as an Internet Marketer?”

I made this short GIF movie about 2 smokestacks falling down due to the plant

being decommissioned or shut down, but in the caption, I inserted something that, I hope, will pique your curiosity.

With the caption in the video, do you think people’s curiosity would be aroused enough to go and check that link,  just to see what the heck it is?

I do. Go ahead and check it now.

And that, I submit, is how curiosity causes clicks.

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