Did You Hit A “Dead End”?

dead end trend that is the one
BIGGEST reasons most people fail miserably online?

For instance, imagine that you’re playing heads or tails
with a friend.

Now what’s the odds of the coin lying on heads or tails
after you chuck it into the air?

50/50 right?

Let’s say though that you call heads, and five times in
a row it lands on heads.

Surely, the next one will land on tails right?


It’s still 50/50.

Every time.

Even if it’s landed on heads 50 times in a row, the odds
doesn’t change . It’s still 50/50.

What this gamblers fallacy is, it’s a glitch in our thinking.

We put too much weight on past events and confuse our
memory with how the world actually works, thinking that
will have some effect on future outcomes.

But the past makes no difference in the odds.

We start to think that our “”luck”” just has to change to the

Sort of reminds me of the some peoples definition of
insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting
different results.

Here’s my point here.

If you’ve been buying product after product online, and you
catch yourself saying, “”this time I’ll make it work””.

Odds are against you.

Odds are you’re fooling yourself.

Odds are you need to do something drastically different.

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business come from people that use PROVEN business
models and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION on them!

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