The Whole Tooth Firesale.


The Whole Tooth Firesale.

If you read my post at:
you’ll see that I’m now offering many bonuses as part of my campaign to pay
for dental expenses.

My campaign is called the “TWT Firesale” (“TWT” stands for The Whole Tooth, since its
a dental bill the funds will be used for). I thought it was kind of catchy, don’t you?

The best way I could think of is to offer
many PLR products and software bundled up together
for one low price that anyone can afford.

So far, here’s a starter list of products that I’m

– Top 6 Paid Underground traffic sites to advertise – video – $27.00 value
– Twitter advertising, 4 mp3 audio recordings, value $37.00

Twitter is an incredibly powerful online news and social networking service.
It’s in a unique league of it’s own due to several features that set it apart
from other
social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus.
Firstly, one of the main functions and uses of Twitter is as a news/events
broadcasting channel. In many ways it’s more like a news ticker than a
social networking platform (albeit a news ticker where you get to choose
what news you want to hear about by choosing who you follow). In fact, it’s
become a must-have resource for news networks and journalists who want to
stay in the know about anything newsworthy in their areas. Journalists make
up almost 25% of all verified Twitter accounts.

This whole bundle will be offered for $19.97 through Paypal with no refunds.
That’s the deal; take it or leave it.

So far, that’s a $64.00 value for only $19.97! Wow!

Be sure to check back and discover what other great audios, videos and software
I’ll be offering.

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