The Big O

Big O” mean?

It means that for 3 days only, I’m making
a Big Offer that you probably won’t be able
to resist.

When you sign up under my affiliate link for, I’ll create a 60 second promo
video for you complete with a talking avatar, male
or female, music soundtrack, description of the program,
upload it to Youtube, and even insert your picture in it,
if you wish.

“What kind of program is MyLeadGenSecret?”, you may be asking.

It’s a unique program that sends 100-200 qualified leads
to your member’s area each day. That’s 3000 leads a month,
each and every month as long as you’re with us.

You can email your leads each day with your offers, see how
many people opened your emails, and track the results also.
There’s also a built-in residual element in this program, too.

This promo video that I’m offering to create for you

is valued at $97.00 if you had
to have it created by someone else, but I will create
it for you for FREE, when you join under my link.

To give you an idea of what the promo video would look
like, here’s my promo video:

This offer for the FREE promo video is good for only 3 days,
till August 26, 2019, and it may not be repeated again.
So I would highly recommend that you join today; here’s my
affiliate link:

When you join, just email me and let me know that you’d like
your video created.

So let’s get started now, shall we? Go here:

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