Review: CB Passive Income By Patric Chan

Review: CB Passive Income By Patric Chan

Patric Chan has been marketing online for several years and is a very experienced marketer.

He has taught hundreds of students how to become successful online and earn the kind of income most people can only dream about.

His course, CB Passive Income, is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

As a fellow marketer, I can highly recommend Patric’s program.

He gives step-by-step instructions in this course as well as some freebies,

which many appreciate.

The Cons?

Right now, the only con I  can see is the exchange rate for Canadians on CB Passive Income program. The exchange rate is about 35%, so you’d have to add that on to any of Patric’s programs.

But for our American friends, I encourage you to take advantage of this excellent program.

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