How To Beat The Scammers.

n strong these days, more scammers are

starting up programs to cash in on it.

Why? Because once you invest in a program with crypto-currency, you’re at the mercy of scammers who don’t deliver what they promise.

Your money is gone for good if and when they decide to fold up and go home.

Here’s what I found will foil their efforts. Maybe you’ll come up with some ideas, too.

First, when someone shows you a program to invest in, just ask “Who is the Administrator of this program?” If they can’t or won’t tell you, just decline their offer.

Second, ask, “How long has this program been running?” If its only been 1 or 3 months, just say, “I’ll wait to see how it goes, thanks.”

Third, ask, “What is the Admin’s track record? What other programs has he/she successfully run?” If they can’t answer, walk away.

Give these programs at least 3 or 4 months running time before you invest anything in them. If they last that long, they could be legit.

To save you time, one program that I’ve been involved in is HashingAdSpace. I joined in December 2018. Luke Millard is the founder and Admin of this program, and he’s totally honest.

HashingAdSpace has over 100,000 members since starting up and its growing weekly. I’ve already withdrawn some funds from my account with no problem at all.

You can also add your own program to promote inside the member’s area, plus they have a Facebook group.

So why not join here today? Visit:

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