Golden Eggs

site that claimed to predict winners in different sports.

So, out of curiosity, I chose basketball, NBA, as a sport to see what they predicted.

The site was well laid-out and easy to use.

So here’s my experiment.

On Nov. 5 in the morning, I picked some teams according to what the site


I don’t usually follow sports, but since the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship in 2019, basketball sounded good.

Here’s what the site picked:

Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Prediction: the Celtics would win.

Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte Hornets. Prediction: the Pacers would win.

Orlando Magic vs Oklahoma Thunder. Prediction: Oklahoma would win.

Then, on the morning of Nov. 6, I checked the results and all 3 of the predictions WON!

Then I thought, “No, this is too easy. It can’t be this simple”.

So today, Nov. 6, I checked the site again and here’s what it predicted:

New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons. Prediction: the Pistons will win.

There were 2 others I chose, but not published here.

If this site is accurate and produces consistent wins in sports wagering,

what would this be worth to you?

I’ll publish more tomorrow.

Now, today is Nov. 7 and here are the results.

New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons Winner: the Pistons.

Do you see how accurate this site is in predicting winners in sports?

Now that I’ve whetted your appetite for picking winners, here’s

the link. Visit now for a webinar that explains it all:

Now let’s switch over to hockey, the NHL.

Today is Nov. 11 at 6:00 a.m. and its Ottawa Senators vs Carolina Hurricanes, I predict Caroline Hurricanes will win it.

Nov. 11 Arizona Coyotes vs Washington Capitals, I predict Arizona Coyotes

will win it.

I’ll update this page on Nov. 12. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, watch this webinar describing Z Code :

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