Are You Looking For A Great “Dot-Com” Domain Name?

catchy domain name that stands out from the rest?

Well, your search is over here and now.

“” is now on sale …unless for some reason I pull it off the market.!

Honestly, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Don’t lose out on this great domain name.

Recently, I’ve been checking this domain name and started researching its profit potential in certain marketplaces.

First, I noticed that it already had an appraisal value of $2,094.58 by

Second, you may be asking, “What is a jv?”

“Jv”stands for “joint venture”. The term is commonly used as a venture

between a Buyer and a Seller of programs on the Internet.

You can see an example of “joint ventures” at

There are hundreds of joint ventures being offered every month.

This would appeal to Vendors who have many joint ventures to offer.

Third, I saw that it was a small 6 character Dot-Com which is very HARD to
find these days. Heck, even if one resold “AS-IS”, they could potentially get
several hundred dollars if they marketed it correctly!

Fourth, the term is an Evergreen product, which means that its always used. There will always be Buyers and there will always be Sellers of Joint Ventures. The name will go on for many years.

Fifth, I’ve done the “heavy lifting” by spending time searching

for this unique domain name. By me doing that, it saves you time and frustration.

You can resell it and buy a Playstation game or whatever!

Recently in the last few days, I have had many people ask me how I found
that name and what I would be willing to sell it for. Well, the answer is “I’M NOT” unless, of course, you are willing pay LESS than the premium price of $2,094.00 .

So, here’s the deal. I will offer it up for a one-time payment of $697.00. The first action-taker gets it.

Just remember….This deal may not be repeated again. Now is YOUR chance to grab it!

Consider this carefully. This term is the absolute “Jewel in the Crown” of joint ventures terms.

You can get this domain name, resell it for a profit, or create a new site with it.

How cool is that?

So grab this deal before someone else does. Resell, Build and Flip, Run Your Business, New Product Launch with it… The choice is yours!

Do it now!

Contact: Robert Gruhl email:

Sorry, no refunds; all sales are final.

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