Are You a Shiny Object Seeker?


1: You see a product promising untold
wealth and easy riches and all it takes
is 20 minutes a day. Sounds good,right?

2: You buy the product, only to find
it’s old rehashed material that doesn’t
even work, or the software is a dud.

3: The next day you see a product
promising untold wealth and easy riches
and the cycle starts all over again.

I know because I’ve been there, believe me.

You can call it whatever you want.
Shiny Object Syndrome. (SOS), or FOMO,
(Fear Of Missing Out), Info
Overload, or any other fancy name but
the truth is most wanna be internet
marketers suffer from it.

This is just one of the problems John
addresses in his Product Creation

He actually covers a number of crucial
Mistakes you will be making that’s
holding you back.

As well as covering how to make a
ton of cash from selling your own

Can you really afford not to hear what
John has to say? Short answer: no.

P.S. This is real life tell it like it
is training that you will benefit from.
Don’t let it pass you by.

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