A Review 100% Mailer

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A Review 100% Mailer

I came across this site and joined for free to look around inside.

What I saw was interesting. Under  “Build Your List”, they have the best converting sites where you’ve advertised your 100 percent Mailer link, so you know just where to target your advertising.

They also offer 10 solo email ads for just $18.00, sent to 40,000 active people.

Matthew Graves also stated that when he advertises on this site, his signup rate if 1 in 68 people.  That, to me, is amazing. After all, it’s a numbers game in the end, right?

It sounds great, so I’m tracking my links, trying it out, etc.

Why not join me in this program? Visit: http://www.100PercentMailer.com/home.asp?rid=15351


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