More Basketball Predictions


s for Basketball for today, November 16/19. Milwaukee Bucks vs Indiana Pacers prediction according to Z Code: the Bucks will win **Winner the Bucks Toronto Raptors vs Dallas Mavericks prediction according to Z Code: the Raptors will win **the Mavericks So, that’s 1 winner and 1 loser, 50% of picks […]

Bonus Vacation Offer.


n, seeing different sites, eating tasty exotic foods and drink. It all adds up to a lot of great memories. Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Branson, Orlando, Daytona Beach, or Gatlinburg? You can visit one of these places with a coupon voucher for 3 nights in […]

Golden Eggs


ite that claimed to predict winners in different sports. So, out of curiosity, I chose basketball, NBA, as a sport to see what they predicted. The site was well laid-out and easy to use. So here’s my experiment. On Nov. 5 in the morning, I picked some teams according to […]

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